Welcome to Kitsap Pride

July 15, 2017 - July 16, 2017

Registration and Parade Contingent Registration

Welcome to the Kitsap Pride Exhibitor Registration Page

Exhibitor fees for Kitsap Pride are based on the type of your business or organization and whether tables & chairs are requested. The best way to determine the fee for your business/organization is to first create a registration and then an application for a booth space. Tables & chairs are an extra $25.

  1. Small Non-Profit - Select this option if you are an all volunteer local non-profit or club. A statement of non-profit status will be required.
  2. Large Non-Profit - Select this option if you are a larger non-profit. Proof of non-profit status will be required.
  3. Artisan Craftsperson - Select this option if you are a local artisan or craftsperson who will be selling handmade items at the festival.
  4. Small Business - Select this option if you are a local business or store.
  5. Large Business - Select this option if you are a national or regional business, chain store, or other organization.
  6. Food Vendor - Food vendors and food trucks must select this option. All food vendors must also discuss their plans for the festival with us directly so we can be sure we have a good mix of food styles. If you haven't already, please reach out to us at celebrate@kitsappride.org. 
  7. Sponsor - Sponsors can select this option to register for the booth that is included in their sponsorship package.

Note: Creation of an application for a booth space does not obligate your business or organization to participate. Payment confirms your business or organization's participation. Priority for booth spaces will be determined in part by when payment and complete documentation is received for your booth space.

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